NSK Varios VA970 Lux iPiezo Scaler Fiberoptic Complete Set  Y1001168
NSK Varios VA970 Lux iPiezo Scaler Fiberoptic Complete Set Y1001168

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Its have LED Display- All operating parameters are clearly displayed on the large LED display controlled by easily recognizable buttons, Auto Cleaning-The Auto Cleaning Mode flushes the tubing, handpiece and tips at the push of a button when required. The two channels can be flushed independently, Bottle - 2 large 400ml bottles are quickly and easily exchanged. Appropriate solution can be used for several clinical purposes, Resin- The introduction of the resin based water pipe of the bottle, pump and handpiece, assures dramatically improved durability as it substantially reduces the corrosion and rust caused by the residuum of antiseptic solutions, Foot Control- New Varios Foot Control can be operated easily from any angles. Its specifications are, power Supply- AC 120 V or 230 V 50/60 Hz, Frequency - 28-32 kHz, Maximum output -11 W (G mode), Dimensions - W 160 x D 270 x H 190 mm (Including Bottle), Unit Weight 2.1 kg (Except Attachment) Bottle Volume 400 mL (x 2 Bottles).
Product Details
POWER SUPPLY AC 230 V 50/60hz
MAX. OUTPUT 11 W (G mode)
DIMENSIONS W 160 X D 270 X H 190 mm
UNIT WEIGHT 2.1 kg (except attachment)
BOTTLE VOLUME 400 mL (x 2 bottles)
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