GC G-CEM Veneer Light Cure Resin Luting Cement 1.7 gms 1 ml A2 012389
GC G-CEM Veneer Light Cure Resin Luting Cement 1.7 gms 1 ml A2 012389

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Adhesive luting of ceramic and composite veneers, inlays and onlays with a thickness (< 2.0mm) and translucency that enables the complete light-curing of the cement. Its advantages are optimal viscosity, superior performance, natural aesthetics. Optimal viscosity-Thixotropic consistency thanks to latest technology in terms of fillers coating: Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technology, easy to apply with high precision and easy excess removal thanks to the unique viscosity of the material,once applied, the material spreads uniformly on the surface of the restoration to homogeneously cover it. Superior performance-Combined with G-Multi PRIMER and G-Premio BOND, G-CEM Veneer is ensuring a stable and durable adhesion to all types of substrates and preparations, featuring a high filler rate of 69% in weight thanks to FSC technology, an exceptional wear resistance, high bond and flexural strength can be achieved. Natural aesthetics- G-CEM Veneer’s fluorescence adjusted to natural tooth,four shades with optimised blend-in effect to cover all aesthetic needs,perfectly matching try-in pastes for predictable aesthetic outcome,high conversion rate after light-curing, enabling strong resistance to discolouration and staining over time, for long-lasting aesthetics.
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QUANTITY 1.7 gms 1 ml
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